what to do when a girl flakes?

What To Do When A Girl Flakes On You (+Text Examples)

11 steps1.If you think her excuse is genuine, don’t be afraid to pick a new day. Even though it can be so disappointing to have a date cancel, we’re all human, and …2.Leave the ball in her court if you’re not sure what she’s thinking. Letting her make the new plans is a great way to understand how she feels about you. If …3.Sometimes all your date actually needs is a bit more time to prepare. If she’s nervous, running late, or genuinely had something come up, she may just feel …if she flakes ignore hergirl flakes but keeps textinggirl likes me but keeps flakingwhat to text a flaky girlif she flakes cut contactgirl flakes last minutePeople also search for

When She Flakes On You, Do This! | Courtney Ryan

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