What’s the best way to have your business’ story remembered and shared?

(A) Explain your history in detail.

(B) Show the ROI you can bring your customers.

(C) Create emotional alignment between your business and your prospects and customers.

(D) Explain the value of your products and services and how you’re the best at what you do.


Humans are emotional creatures. If you can tap into a person’s emotions using your content then you can get them to make decisions very easily. The key thing for a business is to create an emotional alignment with their prospect or customer.

Using stories to drive attention to content is a great example. Businesses have been using story-based marketing to tap into the emotions of their audience and once you have connected with their emotions they will always remember and share the story of your business. If you can make a person laugh or cry with your story then they will remember you.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Content Marketing Exam. You can get all the updated answers to this exam in our HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Exam Answers page.

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