What’s the proper sequence of an ad request journey with mediation involved? Select each item and choose its correct position.

Step 1 – While a user browses an app, an ad request is made. The Google mobile ads (GMA) SDK, which you’ll have integrated into your app, sends the request to the AdMob mediation server.

Step 2 – AdMob mediation checks to see if the ad request matches the targeting for one of your mediation groups.

Step 3 – AdMob mediation creates an ordered list of third-party networks to call in sequence based on the eCPM you’ve inputted for each or based on an optimized eCPM calculated using AdMob’s ad network optimization.

Step 4 – AdMob mediation runs a real-time auction within the AdMob network to choose the highest-paying advertiser for this ad request. The real-time eCPM from the AdMob network competes equally with the other demand, and AdMob mediation determines which ad network, whether the AdMob network or a third party, is predicted to provide the highest yield, and sends the request to that network.

Step 5 – The winning network’s SDK will then serve the overall winning ad to your app and is seen by the user.


This question is from the Check your Knowledge section of the “Get to know mediation” lesson from the “Grow Revenue with AdMob Mediation” unit which is a part of the Get Started with Google AdMob course.

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