When examining your attribution report, you notice 85% of your leads that have closed into customers have downloaded your introductory ebook, but your sales team is only closing 1% of leads from social sources. How do you support your Sales team to close more leads from social into customers?

(A) Ensure all leads from social sources are nurtured with the introductory ebook before speaking to sales.

(B) Devote more time to posting blogs on Facebook.

(C) Direct further resources for paid advertising on Twitter to spread your influence to additional channels.

(D) Connect with your sales team to coach them on their disconnect in closing the leads.


Since most of your leads are converting into customers by reading your introductory Ebook, you should make sure that all your leads from the social network sources download and go through the Ebook first. Once, they have thoroughly read your ebook only then you should instruct your Sales team to speak and follow up with them.


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