When ranking websites on search engine results pages, which element of a website do search engines value the most?

(A) How long the content on the page is

(B) If you mention keywords over 50 times in a short piece of content

(C) Unique, engaging, relevant content

(D) Where you are in the world when adding content to your site


When ranking a website on the search engine results page, the search engines look for three main factors Unique Content, Engagement, and Relevancy.

Your Content should not be copied from any other website. Your content should be 100% unique.

Next up, your content should be engaging. Search engines find this information from the time that the user spends on that page or post, bounce rate from that page or post, and the number of comments on that page or post.

Lastly, the content should be highly relevant to what the user was searching for on the search engine. The content should also be relevant to your niche of the website.


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