When tracking both ecommerce and goals, what are two ways to analyze Page Value based only on ecommerce? (select two)

(A) Use a table filter to exclude goal pages.

(B) Define a segment to exclude sessions where a goal occurred.

(C) Create a view that tracks ecommerce but doesn’t define any goals.

(D) Assign goal values based on average revenue calculated outside of Google Analytics.


You can create a View that tracks Page value only on ecommerce by firstly defining a custom segment. You need to click on Add Segment and then select Sessions and Page Value. Now, you need to create a filter in that View with the exclude parameter. You need to use sessions where a goal occurred as the value of the filter. The filter will look like Filter 1: exclude Sessions AND Goal Occured. This will exclude all sessions where a goal occurred.

Another way is to create a view that tracks only ecommerce and doesn’t define any goals. You can do that by creating a filter with include parameter and Ecommerce Revenue as the value. The filter will look like Filter 1: include Ecommerce Revenue. This will track only ecommerce values and won’t track any goals.


This question is a part of the Assessment 3 section of the Google Analytics for Power Users course. You can find all the questions from all the four assessments with detailed explanation for this exam in our Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment Answers page.

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