When you change your data range into an Excel table, your data must be “good” data. Which of the following is considered “good” data?

(A) A single row of headings, no merged cells

(B) Breaks in the middle of the data range

(C) Data in one column auto aligned to the left and some to the right of a cell

(D) Merged column headings


Merged cells cause problems in Excel if used in a table.

The table will only select the data up to the break to include in the table range. Remember also, if data auto aligns to the left, it is implied that Excel considers that to be text, and text auto aligned to the right is possibly a number or a date.

If you use merged cells in Excel, do it only for decorative purposes and away from data that you want to use in formulas and calculations.


This question is from the Quiz section of the second lesson “Analyzing Data in Excel” from the HubSpot Excel for Marketers course. You can find answers to all the quiz questions asked in this course on our HubSpot Excel for Marketers Lesson Quiz Answers page.

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