Which ad extension will help boost ad performance by highlighting products and services? Choose all that apply.

(A) Callout​ Extensions

(B) Structured Snippet Extensions​

(C) Review Extensions

(D) All​ of the above


All of the above Ad Extensions are useful. Callout Extensions provide an extra snippet of text that highlights your website’s products or offers. This provides additional details about your website and increases the relevancy of your ad to your customer’s search query resulting in better ad performance.

Structured Snippet Extensions give users more context on a specific aspect of your products and services. You can mention more aspects of your products and services which increases the chances of getting more clicks and boosts the performance of your ad.

Review Extensions highlight positive third party reviews in your search ads. This creates a sense of trust in the customer and he/she feels confident about your product or service. This boosts the performance of your ads.


This question is a part of the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam. You can find all the answers with full explanation for this exam in our Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional Exam Answers page.

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