Which of the following actions would be most effective for a business to take in order to help them progress towards achieving their content marketing goals?

(A) Personalising content to make each customer feel important, taking into account available data about each individual customer.

(B) Reducing the number of channels used for content marketing to only those channels with the highest referral numbers, thus saving money

(C) Identifying audiences who view their content, and ensuring those specific audiences get targeted in the future, with the aim of increasing sales

(D) Refining their content marketing strategy as they go, taking into account available data and metrics


Once a business starts producing content regularly they need to collect user behaviour data and analyse it carefully. After careful analysis, they need to use those metrics to find the most important content pages and then refine them with the newfound data.

This method helps businesses to update their old content and progress towards achieving their content marketing goal.


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