Which of the following benefits correspond to their proper AdMob feature? Match each item with the correct answer.

  • Mediation: AdMob’s mediation platform helps developers set up, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks. Working with multiple advertising sources creates competition for your ad inventory, which helps you earn more.
  • Open Bidding: By calling all participating ad sources simultaneously, each can bid for each ad spot in real time, ensuring that you always earn the highest CPM for every impression – Industry-leading monetization tech

AdMob supports many different ad formats — including banner, interstitial, rewarded video, and native — that help balance user experience with monetization to keep users happy and engaged – Innovative ad formats

Use our automated tools to take care of the daily tasks — and free up your time to focus on building the best apps – Automated tasks

Getting started is easy. A phone number and a Google account are all that’s needed. Create a new account in seconds or sign in to your existing Google account, provide a phone number, and start getting more from your app today – Ease of getting started

By offering seamless integration with Google Analytics for Firebase, AdMob offers smarter analytics and reporting features so you can better understand how users interact with ads and optimize their lifetime value – Smart insights


This question is from the Check your Knowledge section of the “Monetize your app with Google AdMob” lesson from the “Meet and Set Up AdMob” unit which is a part of the Get Started with Google AdMob course.

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