Which of the following could help you maintain a healthy relationship with technology?

(A) Reserving your homescreen for important apps and tools only

(B) Answering all emails immediately

(C) Combining your work and personal emails on one device

(D) Refusing any invites to join virtual conversations


Reserving the mobile homescreen for only important apps can help us maintain a healthy relationship with technology. This is because if we keep time wasting apps away from the homescreen then we need to manually search for them and this means we will think at least once if we really need to spend this time opening that app. Having apps on the homescreen makes it very easy to open them and we end up wasting a lot of time on them.


This question is a part of the Topic Quiz section from the Intro to Digital Wellbeing course. You can check out all the quiz answers to this exam in our Intro to Digital Wellbeing Answers page.

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