Which of the following could students do at home for a Flipped Classroom model that doesn’t involve video? (Select all that apply.)

(A) Read an Online Article

(B) Contribute to a Class Slide Show

(C) Analyze a photo

(D) Listen to a historical speech


If a Flipped Classroom doesn’t involve video then students can do the following things at home:

  • They can read an online Article that increases their knowledge.
  • They can contribute to a class Slide Show that helps them apply their knowledge and learn something new.
  • They can analyze a photo and write down the key points from their analysis.
  • They can even listen to a historical speech and learn something about History.


This question is a part of the Unit 2 Review of the Google for Education Advanced Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 2 Review questions in our Google for Education Advanced Training Answers page.

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