Which of the following features are only available for Analytics 360 properties? (select three)

(A) Roll-Up Reporting

(B) Custom Tables

(C) Custom Funnels

(D) Custom Dimensions & Metrics


The three features only available in Analytics 360 are Roll-Up Reporting, Custom Tables and Custom Funnels. Roll-Up Reporting aggregates data from all your Analytics entities like websites, apps, etc. and shows them together in one single report. Custom Tables provide unsampled data about a combination of a lot of custom metrics, dimensions, segments and filters. Custom funnels provide visual data about the steps a user takes in the funnels and shows you the exact steps where a user is succeeding or failing.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics are available for normal Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360.


This question is a part of the Assessment 1 exam of Getting Started with Google Analytics 360. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Getting Started with Google Analytics 360 Assessment Answers page.

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