Which of the following is an optimal main image?

Which of the following is an optimal main image?

(1) C

(2) B

(3) A


The product image on a product detail page should satisfy the following criteria:

(A) The background of the main image should be Pure white.

(B) In the main image the product should be shown outside of the packaging and not inside a box.

(C) The main image should show only one view of the product

(D) The main image should show the entire product and not a partial portion.

(E) The product should fill 80-100% of the image frame. For media products, the front cover should fill 100% of the image frame.

(F) The main image should show only the product being sold.

(G) No additional text and graphics should be added on the main image that are not part of the product.

In this case, Image A does not have the product filling the 80-100% of the image frame so, it does not qualify. Image C does not have pure white background and shows other products that are not being sold so, Image C is disqualified. Only Image B satisfies all the criteria hence, Image B should be used as the main image.


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