Which of the following is the easiest way for visitors to learn about a business while visiting a website?

(A) Getting a free ‘taster’ of one of your products when they sign up to receive emails

(B) Listening to an audio file that auto plays whenever someone visits your site

(C) Browsing your product pages and reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions page

(D) Reading the terms and conditions for your products on your site


The best way to learn about a business is to first check out their product pages. This will tell you what kinds of products they sell, what is the company all about, how do they price their products, etc. The next thing you can do is review the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) page. This is because on that page you’ll find all the answers to the questions that customers ask about the company. You’ll understand the mission and values of the company, how is their return service, what are the usual delivery times for their products, and lots more.


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