Which of the following might be a good Google tool to use to engage reluctant learners? (Select all that apply)

(A) Gmail: You can share success stories of teachers implementing tools from your training sessions in their classrooms.

(B) Google Sheets: You can organize and share student data with teachers, thus making the conversation about students, not teaching.

(C) YouTube: You can design video tutorials or curate videos on YouTube to help teachers build confidence with technology skills.

(D) Google Classroom: You can organize your training sessions in Google Classroom so teachers can experience the benefits of having a digital classroom.


All of the Google tools mentioned above like Gmail, Google Sheets, YouTube and Google Classroom might be good Google tools to use to engage reluctant learners.


This question is a part of the Get Your Entire Audience Engaged chapter from the Unit 4 Planning For Engaging Training Sessions unit. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our Unit 4 Planning For Engaging Training Sessions Answers page.

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