Which of the following search terms would be considered a phrase match for the keyword “cat litter?”

(A) “pine kitty litter“

(B) “litter for cats“

(C) “feline clay litter“

(D) “pine cat litter“


In Amazon Advertising, a phrase match keyword shows your ad when someone searches for close variations of that exact keyword, or with additional words before or after it. In this case, the main keyword is “cat litter.” So, the phrase match keyword has to contain the words “cat” and “litter”. From all the options, the phrase that contains “cat” and “litter” is “pine cat litter.” Therefore, the correct answer is “pine cat litter.”


This question is a part of the Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam in our Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment Answers page.

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