Which of the following statements about the matrix structure is true?

(A) The matrix structure is not necessarily more complex and costly than the divisional structure

(B) Matrix structures are oriented at coordination along multiple dimensions, such as geography and product line, for example

(C) The matrix structure is generally preferable over other structure types because it can help you coordinate the organisation along multiple dimensions at the same time

(D) When you have a functional structure that is too silo-ed, it is a good idea to use a matrix structure to improve coordination across the functional silos


A Matrix organisational structure consists of a hybrid of two or more structures in which there is both a vertical and horizontal flow of information. In such organisations, there are two managers where an employee needs to report to. One is the project manager and another is the functional manager. Matrix structures are therefore coordinated along multiple dimensions like geography, product line, etc., and uses the dual manager concept.


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