Which of the following statements best describes why it’s important to invest in the continuous improvement stage?

(A) The primary reason to invest in the website continuously is so you can add blog posts and pillar pages to the site. This type of content marketing will help your site get ranked on search engines and grow your organic website traffic.

(B) The launch pad is not the final product — it’s simply a starting point. Modern hyper-growth companies view their website as a growth asset that should be continuously invested in to deliver more user value, help scale the company, and drive true business growth.

(C) Having a small monthly budget for your team to update content and maintain the website’s technology is key for credibility with users.

(D) It’s actually not that important to improve the website. If your team is happy with the initial launch pad website, you can move on to other marketing activities.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certification Quiz from Lesson 6. You can find answers to all the quiz questions from this course in our HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Quiz Answers page.

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