Which of the following statements is generally true?

(A) It is a good idea not to make the risks associated with your organisational recommendations explicit, because this could weaken the strength of your recommendations

(B) Once you have defined your most critical organisational problems and have developed solutions for them, implementation should be relatively straightforward

(C) Once you have zoomed in on a particular organisational element as the most important source of a critical misalignment issue, you don’t need to bother with recommending changes to any of the other elements

(D) Prioritization and focus takes leadership courage because it requires making difficult trade-off decisions that involve risk


The true statement here is that Prioritization and focus require leadership courage. A courageous leader understands what decisions should be given more priority and what should the organisation focus on. Prioritization and focus take leadership courage because it requires a lot of courage to make difficult decisions that are trade-off decisions and also involve a lot of risks.


This question is a part of the Recall: Diagnosis to solutions exercise from the Organisational design: Know your organisation course. You can check out all the answers to this exam in our Organisational design: Know your organisation Quiz Answers page.

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