Which of these are examples of earned links? Select all that apply.

(A) A bicycle mechanic writes a guide to changing bicycle tires and emails the editor of Bike Fancy to share it with a wider audience

(B) A financial services firm buys three blog domains and creates monthly posts for the purpose of linking back to the firm’s primary website

(C) A writer shares her list of best beach destinations on Twitter and millionsofbeaches.com adds the article to their Links page

(D) An SEO agency purchases links from several online directories on behalf of their client

(E) The Sausage Maker’s SEO team asks the webmaster at bonappetit.com to add a hyperlink to an unlinked mention of a Sausage Maker product


This question is a part of the Backlink Audit Quiz from the Moz Academy Backlink Audit and Removal course. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam in our Moz Academy Backlink Audit and Removal Quiz Answers page.

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