Which parameters can be included with an event hit for reporting?

(A) Event, Category, Action, Label

(B) Category, Action, Label, Total Events

(C) Category, Action, Label, Unique Events

(D) Category, Action, Label, Value


There are a total of four parameters that can be included with an Event Hit. (1) Category – It is a name used to group objects for analyzing. Example – Videos, Files, Pictures, etc. (2) Action – It is used to name the type of interaction that you want to analyze on a webpage. Example – You can analyze when a user clicks the pause button when a video is playing. (3) Label – It is used to provide extra information for events. These can be used for naming Video titles or downloaded files. (4) Value – It is used to provide a numerical value as an integer for representing data like video player time in seconds or minutes.


This question is a part of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. You can get all the answers with detailed explanation for this exam in our Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answers page.

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