Which set of reports would you use to view granular Google Ads dimensions such as Sitelinks, Bid Adjustments and Search Queries?

(A) Acquisition > Google Ads reports

(B) Acquisition > All Traffic reports

(C) Acquisition > Google Marketing Platform > Search Ads 360 reports

(D) This level of granularity is only available in the Google Ads user interface


The Google Ads reports in Admin > Acquisition > Google Ads reports gives you data about Google Ads Dimensions like Sitelinks, Bid Adjustments, and Search Queries. You can also find data about the Acquisition and Behavior of users that landed on your website from your Google Ad. Apart from normal data like Clicks, Bounce Rate, etc. you get important data like which campaigns are most effective at bringing in conversions, which keyword is most effective at bringing conversions, what actions did users perform after clicking your ads and many more.


This question is a part of the Assessment 6 exam of Getting Started with Google Analytics 360. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Getting Started with Google Analytics 360 Assessment Answers page.

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