Which shipping plan is best for each scenario below? Match the shipping method to the scenarios below and click Submit.

Kim has her own warehouse and stores her own product, but she does not want to manage shipping logistics – Seller fulfilled Prime (SFB)

SpeedyRunner Inc. knows that using a Prime shipping option means their product will be visible to a customer when they select the Prime filter during their search process – Not enough information to determine

Modern Pots company stores their products, and prefers to control how the product is packaged and shipped – Merchant fulfilled network (MFN)

Joy sells her own brand of products. She prefers to have Amazon store the products, manage the shipping logistics direct from a fulfillment center, and manage the customer service – Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)


  1. Since Kim has her own warehouse, she can use Seller fulfilled Prime to have Amazon manage shipping logistics.
  2. SpeedyRunner Inc. wants the benefits of the Prime badge, but we do not have enough information to know if they would store their products with in an Amazon fulfillment center or their own warehouse.
  3. Since Modern Pots wants to package their own products, they would use Merchant fulfilled network.
  4. Joy prefers to have Amazon store and ship the products, so she would use Fulfilled by Amazon.


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