Which three tags does Google Analytics require for accurate campaign tracking?

(A) Medium, Source, and Content

(B) Medium, Source, and Campaign

(C) Campaign, Content, and Term

(D) Source, Content, and Term


The three tags required for Campaign tracking in Google Analytics is Source, Medium and Campaign.

The ‘Source’ represents the actual source from where the visitor has arrived like Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook.com, etc.

The ‘Medium’ represents the medium used by the visitor to visit the site like Organic, Social, Referral, etc.

The ‘Campaign’ represents the Google Ads campaign or a custom campaign from where the visitor was referred to your site.


This question is a part of the Assessment section of the Google Analytics For Beginners Certification course. You can find the answers with full explanation for all the assessment questions on our Google Analytics For Beginners Assessment 4 Answers page, and Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment Answers page.

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