Which tools should a marketing specialist use to assess their online reputation? Choose two answers.

(A) Keyword Magic Tool

(B) Organic Positions Report

(C) Social Media Tracker

(D) Organic Traffic Insights

(E) Brand Monitoring


To assess the Online Reputation of your company you need the Social Media Tracker Tool and the Brand Monitoring Tool. The Social Media Tracker tool allows you to see the engagement and activity for all your social media networks. This data gives you a fair idea about if people are talking about you and your reputation score.

The Brand Monitoring tool allows you to find out the sources that are mentioning your brand. You can easily sort these sources by mentions. There is also an option to filter and sort out mentions from blogs. You can also sort your mentions to show from which news sites you are getting referrals, what is the sentiment of the referral, and also the referral traffic you are getting from these mentions.


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