Which user action would not properly address a Content ID claim?

(A) Dispute the claim if they have rights to the material

(B) Remove the claimed segment from the video

(C) Remove the video, then re-upload it the next day

(D) Review the claim, then take no action if it’s valid


The user action that would not properly address Content ID claim against your video is removing the video and then re-uploading it the next day. The Content ID claim will stay with that video even if you re-upload that video.

To properly address another user’s Content ID claim against your video the user can agree with the Content ID claim, or take actions such as:

  • Remove claimed segments from the video.
  • Replace claimed songs with free music and sound effects from YouTube’s Audio Library.
  • Share revenue for eligible covers (not available in all situations).
  • Dispute the Content ID claim if they have rights to use the copyrighted material.


This question is a part of the Check your Knowledge section of the “Manage your rights at scale” lesson from the YouTube Content Ownership course.

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