Why is it important to implement the “transfer” step at the end of each sprint cycle?

(A) Dedicating time to share learnings across departments and find opportunities to align and collaborate is key to developing a better user experience and company-wide growth.

(B) Explaining the work your team is doing to your CEO is critical to ensure they continue to fund your efforts. If they don’t see you launching new items, it’s likely they will cut your funding.

(C) Transfering all your data, code, and content into the cloud at the end of a sprint is critical to ensuring you have proper backups and minimize potential risk of loss.

(D) Dedicating time to talk to stakeholders across departments to understand where they’re struggling to scale their teams is critical to putting the best items on your wish list.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certification Quiz from Lesson 6. You can find answers to all the quiz questions from this course in our HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Quiz Answers page.

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