Why is social media a great tool for your business to build trust and engagement with your audience?

(A) You can share offers and discounts exclusively to your following

(B) You can share blogs from other businesses to cover more than what you do

(C) You can share honest reviews about your product or service

(D) You can connect with customers at any time of the day


Social media is one of the best tools to build trust and engagement with your audience because you can share honest reviews about your product or service to all those people interested. This term is called Social Proofing. People want to see reviews before they buy anything so it’s important that a business shares reviews about the product or service on social media.

Example – You look at a brand new product on an ad but you’re skeptical about its performance. While scrolling Facebook you find the ad of the same product with lots of positive reviews. You will now feel confident about this product and you will trust the company. You may also end up buying that product.

Nowadays, every person watches or reads a review online before buying a product. If a company shares honest reviews about their products on social media sites then it will build trust and provide engagement with the audience.


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