With Hotel Ads, how can you upload your bids, bid multipliers, and hotel group associations in bulk? (Select 3)

(A) In the Microsoft Hotel Center UI

(B) With Google Import

(C) In the Hotels API

(D) Using CSV upload

(E) In the Microsoft Graph


You can upload your Bids, Bid Multipliers, and Hotel Group Associations in Bulk using Microsoft Hotel Center UI, using CSV upload and the Hotels API. You can bulk upload using Microsoft Hotel Center UI by clicking on the Overview Tab, click View by and then select your hotel or hotel group. Next, you have to click Bulk edit and here you can upload all your bids in bulk.

For CSV upload you have to download the Hotel Ads bulk upload template. Enter all the details of the hotels, bids, bids multiplier, and then upload this CSV file by going to Accounts Summary > Bulk Operations > Uploads.

If you want to bulk upload using Hotels API then you need a coder to add bulk upload code and values to the API. You can find the Hotel API details here.


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