With the Hootsuite Promote feature, there are two main ways you can pay to promote previously published organic content: (pick two)

(A) Automated Boosting

(B) Enhanced Cost Per Click

(C) Single Post (Manual) Boosting

(D) Recommended Promotions

(E) Organic Performance Promotion


The two main ways you can pay to promote your published organic content in the Hootsuite Promote feature are Automated Boosting (Auto Boosting) and Single Post (Manual) Boosting.

The Automated Boosting feature allows you to set certain criteria and then identifies and boosts published posts based on the criteria set earlier. The Single Post Boosting feature allows us to select the posts which we want to promote manually. The Single Post Boosting gives more control to our hands.


This question is a part of the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam. You can get all the answers to the questions asked in this exam by visiting our Hootsuite Platform Certification exam answers page.

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