Within a Hootsuite Analytics report, you can add a tile, which is:

(A) an individual display of a specific metric.

(B) a pre-set campaign template, targeted at specific social media objectives.

(C) a tool for tracking the posts and conversations happening in your area.

(D) an executive-level overview of common, aggregated metrics.

(E) a pre-set display of line charts, tables, and tree maps.


Tiles in Hootsuite analytics can help you to graph your organic and paid metrics for your Social media accounts. You can visualize and compare the most important metrics of your social media accounts by creating Tiles. Example – You can create a Tile to measure the number of followers in Twitter.

You can create a Tile by clicking the Add Tile button in the top right corner of Hootsuite analytics and then you can choose the account and the metric you want.


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