You declare a 50% ownership stake in a Composition Share Asset linked to a Sound Recording Asset in Japan. Another account declares 75% ownership in the same territory. What happens next?

(A) There is an asset ownership conflict and the rightsholders will need to resolve it.

(B) Nothing – there is no conflict.

(C) Content ID makes a claim against the second owner.

(D) Any videos that contain the sound recording will be blocked.


In such a case, an ownership conflict would appear on the “Composition” tab of the Sound Recording Asset because the ownership on the Composition Share Assets exceeds 100% in Japan. The rightsholders of the Composition Share Asset have to resolve it on their own.


This question is a part of the Assert ownership through assets lesson from the Music Assets unit. You can get answers to all the questions asked in this unit on our Music Assets Answers page.

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