You have a client that you think would benefit from using HubSpot CRM. When you suggest this to them, they say, “I like the idea of using a CRM, but I don’t think my reps will remember to record their activities in it.” What’s the best way to respond to address this concern?

(A) “No worries–we can use the Tasks feature to send reminder emails to your reps so they don’t forget.”

(B) “Good point–maybe HubSpot CRM isn’t a good fit for you.”

(C) “Good point–let’s make sure we set up a time to train your reps so they understand the value of recording their work in the CRM.”

(D) “Not a problem–HubSpot CRM automatically records emails and calls so reps don’t have to.”


This question is from the HubSpot Delivering Sales Services Exam. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our HubSpot Delivering Sales Services Answers article.

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