You have not seen the bottom of your email in weeks because students are constantly reaching out to you for help on projects they are working on outside of the classroom. While you are excited the students are engaged, and you don’t mind answering students’ questions, you also have other work that requires your attention. In order to share the responsibility of supporting students in their success within your classroom, which of the following actions would you take to increase effective communication?

(A) Create a student group in Chat so that students can help other students even when they are not in the classroom

(B) Collect students’ email addresses and share them with other students

(C) Put four students in a “study group” and have them share phone numbers

(D) Have each student create a Google Site that share their tips for success


This question is a part of the Unit 4 Review of the Google for Education Fundamentals Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 4 Review questions in our Google for Education Fundamentals Training Answers page.

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