You know that having students discuss the materials they are learning is one of the best ways to have them contextualize, understand, and apply what they know. You’re ready to take it to the next level by driving the discussion online, and Google Groups seems to be a good choice. The department chair asks you why you’re using Groups. Which of the following are reasons to use Google Groups rather than Google Classroom? (Select all that apply.)

(A) Groups are not time bound so you can use the same Group for future classes. Classrooms will likely change with each class

(B) You can include video in a Groups discussion, but you can’t in Classroom

(C) You can have posts sent directly to your email with Groups and you can reply via email as well

(D) Discussions in Groups are moderated by default, but aren’t in Classroom


This question is a part of the Unit 10 Review of the Google for Education Advanced Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 10 Review questions in our Google for Education Advanced Training Answers page.

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