You manage a recipe site and recently signed a deal with Gourmet Food Goals to advertise some of their upcoming prepared meals as part of a New Year’s promotion. They send over high-resolution photos and rich-media assets to be shown on desktop and mobile, and in their app. What kind of name would “New Year’s Campaign” be?

(A) Order name

(B) Line item name

(C) Ad name

(D) Creative name


An order is the campaign that’s set up between you and the advertiser. In this case, the name “New Year’s Campaign” would be Order name because it is the campaign that has been set up between you and the advertiser “Gourmet Food Goals.”


This question is a part of the Check your Knowledge section of the “Create Orders and Line Items” lesson from the “Deliver Ads Using Google Ad Manager” unit which is part of the Drive Advertising Revenue with Google Ad Manager course.

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