You partnered with a call-tracking service to provide you with data on offline conversions for your auto repair company’s online marketing. You decided that you want to upload the data into Search Ads 360 yourself. How do you do it?

(A) Bulksheets

(B) Executive reports

(C) Search Ads 360 API

(D) Formula columns


A call-tracking service analyzes call-center traffic, attributes calls to search advertising, and automatically uploads conversions. They can also provide you with the data and you can upload these conversions into Search Ads 360 yourself.

To upload the conversion data yourself, you’ll need to use bulksheets.

Automatic uploads require the call-tracking service to integrate with the Search Ads 360 application programming interface (API).


This question is part of the “Optimize with offline conversions” lesson from the Search Ads 360 Mobile Basics course.

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