You want to test whether you should switch your current price floor of $2 CPM from a hard floor to a target CPM. Arrange the following steps in the correct order for setting up a manual experiment.

The correct order of steps is:

(1) Select Reporting, and then Experiments.

(2) Select NEW EXPERIMENT on the Unified Pricing Rules card.

(3) Enter a name for your experiment.

(4) Enter the price settings associated with the experiment.

(5) Select the pricing option you want to test.

(6) Set a start date and end date for the experiment.

(7) Save and confirm that you want to enable the experiment to run on live traffic on your Ad Manager network.


This question is a part of the Check your Knowledge section of the “Drive Yield with Opportunities & Experiments” lesson from the “Optimize Google Ad Manager to Meet Objectives” course.

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