Your colleague, Lucas, is planning to pitch the team’s big idea to a group of investors. He tests the presentation on you and your colleagues. His slides are full of text. He hasn’t used a single visual because he thinks “they’re not serious”. What can you say to help convince him to improve his presentation with visuals?

(A) There should be no text in a presentation because it’s frustrating to read and listen at the same time.

(B) Funny visuals can make an audience laugh, which is the best way to engage them.

(C) Visuals help viewers remember what you’re presenting.

(D) Images can help tell a story and engage your audience.


Visuals in a presentation help the viewers to engage with points made and remember the message or the core points of the presentation.


This question is a part of the Check Your Knowledge section of the fourth lesson Use a critical eye to select images from the Communicate your ideas through storytelling and design course. You can check out all the answers to this exam on our Communicate your ideas through Storytelling and Design Answers page.

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