Your team just hired a new sales rep, and you’re coaching them on how to create a good email template. They ask you how to figure out the purpose of a template. What advice should you give them?

(A) “Email templates need to be relevant to as many people as possible, so keep the topic as broad as possible.”

(B) “Every email you send should ask your contacts to commit to something, so always include some kind of request in the message.”

(C) “Every email you send should encourage your contacts to buy, so focus on pitching our offering that’s most aligned with their needs.”

(D) “Every email you send should help your contacts in some way, so focus the email on what you’re trying to help them do.”


This question is a part of the HubSpot Sales Software Certification Exam. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam in our HubSpot Sales Software Certification Exam Answers page.

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