You’re a social media manager, running a brand awareness campaign across multiple networks for a client. The client is unsure about the effectiveness of social media and wants to see proof that the campaign metrics are hitting their pre-defined KPIs. What is the best way to demonstrate the impact your social media campaign is having on brand awareness?

(A) Give your client access to your Hootsuite account, so they can monitor all conversations and scheduled posts themselves and flag anything that they don’t think is worthwhile

(B) Set up a customized Hootsuite Analytics Report tracking metrics most relevant to the campaign KPIs, and schedule it for regular automated email delivery to your client

(C) Set up an Impressions Stream to monitor the real-time campaign views happening on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and export the stream as a PDF to share with your client via email once a day

(D) Put aside time to sit down with your client and go through the relevant conversations happening on social media, using Hootsuite’s geo-search functionality


The best way to demonstrate the impact your social media campaign is having on brand awareness is by creating a customized Hootsuite Analytics report where you can track the most relevant metrics to the campaign KPIs. After that, you can send the analytics report to the client by setting up a regular automated email delivery system. This will keep your client updated about the effectiveness of the social media campaign.


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