You’re evaluating whether high resolution product images on product detail pages is worth the investment. What metric tells you how often a product was purchased after its detail page was viewed?

(A) Cart-to-Detail Rate

(B) Buy-to-Detail Rate

(C) Average Price

(D) Product Ads


The Buy-to-Detail Rate shows the percentage of people who purchased a product after viewing the Product Details page of that product. This helps you to figure out which product pages are better at generating sales and which product pages aren’t that effective in generating sales. The Buy-to-Detail Rate is calculated as a percentage from the formula

Buy-to-Detail Rate = ( Total Purchases / Total Product Page Views) * 100


This question is a part of the Assessment 4 section of the Google Analytics for Power Users course. You can find all the questions from all the four assessments with detailed explanation for this exam in our Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment Answers page.

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