You’re in charge of drafting and strategically scheduling one month’s worth of social media content for your organization’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (~250 posts). Once published, you need to monitor engagements on the posts closely, and flag any negative comments received with your manager. Which of the following Hootsuite tools are not relevant to this use case? (Pick two)

(A) Hootsuite Ads

(B) Hootsuite Inbox

(C) Hootsuite Amplify

(D) Hootsuite Analytics

(E) Bulk Composer

(F) Hootsuite Streams (Search, Published Posts, and Comments)

(G) Hootsuite Planner


The Hootsuite tools that are not relevant to this use case are Hootsuite Ads and Hootsuite Amplify. Hootsuite Ads helps you create advertising campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, etc and it won’t help in this case.

Similarly, Hootsuite Amplify is a tool that allows your employees to share the company’s social media posts safely to their followers. Hootsuite Amplify is used to promote Employee Advocacy but for this particular case so this tool is irrelevant.


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