You’re the Marketing Director for a global financial company. The holidays are approaching and your boss wants to improve the company’s bottom line by 7%. You host a team meeting where the goal is to identify opportunities to test, then assign tasks to team members to start implementing right away. Is this approach correct?

(A) Yes, the entire team is present and participating.

(B) Yes, but make sure to assign the test to the appropriate team members.

(C) No, ideation and implementation should be done in separate meetings.

(D) No, you need approval from your boss before running a series of tests.


This approach is wrong because you cannot hold one meeting for idea generation and task delegation. You should hold two different meetings. In the first meeting, you discuss all the new ideas and opportunities. Then you should hold a second meeting after taking a break so that your team members can process the information they received. The next meeting will be held to assign tasks to the ideal team members.

The idea of two separate meetings is to help others process the information better and get an active level of participation in both meetings


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