Zero-Touch Post Exam Answers 2021 (Updated 20 Questions)

Before you get to the answers below here are some facts about the exam.

Exam Name – Zero-touch Post Exam

Total Questions and Passing Score – 20 Questions and the Passing score is 80%

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Zero-touch Post Assessment Answers Answers

Q.1 – What is zero-touch?

(A) Is a device management solution

(B) zero-touch is an enrollment method used for compatible Android devices

(C) Is an alternative App distribution platform to Google Play

(D) Is a custom enterprise solution

Q.2 – Which devices are compatible with zero-touch?

(A) Any Android Device

(B) Selected GMS devices running Android 8.0 and all GMS devices running Android 9.0 and above

(C) Only GMS models for specific brands

(D) Any Android Device with OS version 7 or newer

Q.3 – In order to deploy devices with zero touch it’s necessary to purchase the hardware from a ____ and have a zero touch compatible ____.

(A) Validated Reseller. EMM

(B) Local hardware vendor. Deployment platform

(C) Regional Carrier. EMM

(D) Validated Reseller. Deployment platform

Q.4 – A customer gains access to the zero-touch portal once

(A) They sign up and create it themselves

(B) Their reseller creates an account for them

(C) The device manufacturer creates one for them

(D) The EMM provider enrols their devices

Q.5 – What is required from a Customer for the reseller to be able to create a zero-touch account for them?

(A) A Google account

(B) A Gmail address

(C) A customer ID

(D) The list of device IMEIs

Q.6 – Who can add devices to a customer’s zero-touch account?

(A) The device manufacturer only

(B) The customer IT Admin

(C) The device reseller and/or their vendors (if enabled)

(D) The EMM provider

Q.7 – A customer will be provided with a different zero-touch account from each one of their resellers.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.8 – A ____ is required for zero-touch enrollment to work on a registered device.

(A) zero-touch configuration

(B) Vendor account

(C) Managed Google Play Account

(D) Zero-touch admin account

Q.9 – Who can remove devices from the portal?

(A) Only the customer

(B) Only the reseller

(C) Both customer and reseller

(D) The end users

Q.10 – If I’m using zero-touch, then I do not need an EMM

(A) True

(B) False

Q.11 – I can ask my reseller to add devices to the portal, even if these have been purchased in the past?

(A) Yes, under any circumstances

(B) Yes, but only if the Reseller was the partner that originally sold the devices

(C) No, that can only be done at the time of the purchase

(D) No, they would not work either way

Q.12 – Zero-touch is an enrollment method to provision ____.

(A) Dedicated devices

(B) Work only devices

(C) Work profile on company owned devices

(D) All the above

Q.13 – Portal roles can be managed by the zero-touch account’s ____

(A) Owner

(B) Admin

Q.14 – Zero-touch configurations are unique per device

(A) True

(B) False

Q.15 – What are the “DPC extras” configurations used for?

(A) Defining the device policies

(B) Deregistering devices

(C) Configuring additional provisioning settings

(D) Securing the devices with EMM

Q.16 – If a customer wishes to purchase devices from a new reseller they will need to ___

(A) Request a new zero touch account

(B) Deregister all existing devices

(C) Provide their customer ID and enable the new reseller in their Reseller list

(D) Email Android Enterprise support team to open the request

Q.17 – Devices can be deregistered only one at a time

(A) True

(B) False

Q.18 – Which criteria can be used to search for devices on the zero-touch portal?

(A) Device name and Memory size

(B) Device IMEI, MEID, Serial and Customer ID or Name

(C) Device IMEI only

(D) Device Serial only

Q.19 – Company ABC Ltd. is looking to deploy 300 Android devices using zero-touch, what are some of the benefits this type of deployment can provide?

(A) Easy productivity for users

(B) Simplicity and flexibility for IT

(C) Enforced management and security for organizations

(D) All the above

Q.20 – A company can ask their employees to add their personal devices to zero-touch

(A) True

(B) False

About Zero-Touch Course and Assessment

This assessment is conducted by Google Partner training through the Fathomed platform. This assessment tests your basic understanding of Android Zero-touch enrollment.

In this course, you learn about the seamless setup and deployment of corporate owned Android devices through the Android Zero-touch enrollment.

You are tested on topics like the different customer management modes, the power of enrolling devices for customers and resellers, how to add more resellers for one customer, creating customer accounts, and device management.

This Assessment contains a total of 20 questions and the passing score is 80% or above to finish the assignment. You can edit and review a question that you’ve already answered. If you fail in your first try then you can retake the exam immediately.


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