Zero-Touch Assessment Answers 2021 (Updated)

Before you get to the answers below here are some facts about the exam.

Exam Name – Zero-Touch Assessment.

Total Questions and Passing Score – 5 Questions and the Passing score is 80%

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Q.1 – Only resellers / carrier partners are able to create customer accounts. Customers are not able to create their own accounts in the zero-touch portal.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.2 – Which of the statements below is most accurate as it pertains to device management using the zero-touch portal?

(A) The zero-touch portal allows full management capabilities for devices including applying policies, checking device health remotely, device wipe etc.

(B) The zero-touch portal allows for bulk enrollment which then gives customers the ability to manage the devices using the EMM console.

(C) The zero-touch portal features a robust range of policy enforcement capabilities.

(D) Customers can buy devices directly from the zero-touch portal.

Q.3 – Once a reseller has created a customer account, the customer can whitelist other resellers to add devices to their account if they choose to do so.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – Customers have the ability to enroll devices on their own if they choose to do so, including employee devices.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.5 – The zero-touch portal provides enrollment for which of the following management modes?

(A) Fully managed

(B) Dedicated device

(C) Fully managed with a Work Profile

(D) All of the above

About Zero-Touch Assessment

This assessment is conducted by Google Partner training through the Fathomed platform. This assessment tests your basic understanding of Android Zero-touch enrollment. In this course, you learn about the seamless setup and deployment of corporate owned Android devices through the Android Zero-touch enrollment. You are tested on topics like the different customer management modes, the power of enrolling devices for customers and resellers, how to add more resellers for one customer, creating customer accounts, and device management.

This Assessment contains a total of 5 questions and the passing score is 80% or above to finish the assignment. You can edit and review a question that you’ve already answered. If you fail in your first try then you can retake the exam immediately.


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